October 11, 2006

●Oil change

With a trip to Izu Skyline and Hakone Turnpike coming up I stopped over at Nismo Omori Factory to get a quick oil change done. Nice silver car parked next to mine;-)

Special thanks goes out to the mechanics who fixed my misaligned front diffuser! Top service as usual!

Wait a second this isn't my car!!

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●Oil change

With a trip to Izu Skyline and Hakone Turnpike coming up I stopped over at Nismo Omori Factory to get a quick oil change done. Nice silver car parked next to mine;-)

Special thanks goes out to the mechanics who fixed my misaligned front diffuser! Top service as usual!

Wait a second this isn't my car!!

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September 12, 2006

●New plates for the GT-R

Been meaning to change the plates on the GT-R for some time after my recent move to another region. With such an opportunity it would have been a sacrilige not to go for the only plate a BNR34 should have;-)

Was pretty luky on the small top number too!!

Chassis number check
Pic 1

Placement of the number plate regional seal
Pic 2

Parked up at home
Pic 3

Pic 4

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September 05, 2006

●Garage Kagotani BNR34 Time Attack monster!

This is one of the most sought after demo cars in Japan, not to mention one of the fastest out there with a 57.232 around Tsukuba! Believe it or not this is actually a customer car, built to become one of the most unique BNR34s ever made. A custom built GT-style wide body kit is what sets this GT-R apart from others on the road (well not technically as its not road registered!), and it sure attracted a lot of attention at TAS 2006! The kit, unlike the majority of ill-fitting stuff out there is of excellent quality and yours for a cool million Yen.

Some pix:

Exterior 1

Exterior 2

Exterior 3

Exterior 4

Exterior 5

And this was the first ride to wear these impossibly cool Rays titanium-effect wheels!:


And what lies beneath that carbon bonnet you may wonder...:


A T-78 blown RB28 capable of unleashing 700 PS through an OS Giken sequential transmission:


The interior is, well, spartan to say the least. Only the basics have been left untouched, what is not needed to go fast around a track has been relegated to the bin!:


Had to use TE37s for rolling shots as the new Rays were only a prototype of the wrong offset and catch on the AP Racing brake calipers:


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April 19, 2006

●2009 Nissan GT-R, US-Website

Nissan US has already launched a GTR dedicated website:

2009 Nissan GTR

The car will be sold in fall 2007 in Japan (spring 2008 in USA), yet Nissan Japan has yet to set up a similar site. The (huge) US market will no doubt be Nissan's primary target...at least Japan gets the car first!

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April 01, 2006

●Backstage pix

Here are some backstage pictures from a recent photoshoot I attended. You may recognize the car;-)

Thanks Arturo for the pictures.




I'll post the processed studio pictures of the GTR Proto very soon

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November 12, 2005

●Idle Problem

While coming home from a meet at Daikoku almost a month ago I run into a bit of trouble with the GTR. Following a quick blast where I floored the car in 6th to see what she could do the front diffuser broke off and started flapping about. Hit the brakes hard and in the process shattered a part of it. This happened because I replaced the standard washers with slightly smaller diameter stainless-steel items. But more on this on a future entry.

So after I slowed down I noticed the engine was sounding rough so I pulled over. Obviously I started panicking and immediately thought the worst. Blown turbo? Blown engine? It was idling weird with a kind of off-set beat and in the process shaking the hell out of the car. I drove it home slowly as I could not go over 60Km/h as the diffuser would start flapping up and down again. Noticed that the engine smoothed out just over 2,000 rpm so obviously the problem was not as serious as I thought. Due to work commitments I couldn't get this sorted out straight away. Ended up taking the car to Tex Modify where they immediately traced the problem to a blown inlet gasket which was letting in air at cylinder n.5 & 6. This was changed this week and replaced with a Tomei metal gasket kit. Car is running smooth as ever and I'm finally glad to get behind the wheel again. Tex also found out the silicone hoses that join the intercooler piping on the inlet side where badly damaged, so these were also replaced. These Greddy items lasted approx. 2 years since they were fitted new by Mine's when they fit the Trust intercooler.

You can just about see the new Tomei metal gaskets


And the new I/C hoses


Came very close to fitting the Nismo GT-plenum since the stock plenum had to be removed. But I was told I would definitely need a re-map or I would end up leaning out in the mid-range. As I run a Mine's VX-Rom (non-remappable by third parties) I'm kind of "stuck" so changed my mind :-(

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November 04, 2005

●Nissan & GT-R Proto press material

Just getting round now to sorting out all the press material that I picked up at the recent Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan made this little manga storyline of the GT-R which depicts the history of the badge since the Hakosuka all the way to the 2001 Concept.

Other booklet contains press releases and a picture CD-Rom.



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●Nissan & GT-R Proto press material

Just getting round now to sorting out all the press material that I picked up at the recent Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan made this little manga storyline of the GT-R which depicts the history of the badge since the Hakosuka all the way to the 2001 Concept.

Other booklet contains press releases and a picture CD-Rom.



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October 20, 2005

●GT-R Proto Designer

Grabbed a few pictures with the GT-R Proto designer, Mr. Hiroshi Hasegawa.


It's confirmed the 2007 GT-R will be sold in Japan as a Nissan. No decision has been made on weather the Infiniti or Nissan badge will be used to market the car around the world. Design wise the car you see here is 85% production ready. Nothing else has been confirmed.

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October 19, 2005

●More of the GT-R Proto

Well the pictures from the previous entry weren't to my usual standard. They were shot miles away with glaring lights pointing straight into my lense and I had no time to do any editing before uploading.

So here are some more.









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●Nissan GT-R Proto - Direct from Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Well I like to keep my promises. Here are the frst pictures...







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October 08, 2005

●GT-R Proto at Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Well this is what a lot of people have been waiting for. These sketches officially released by Nissan yesterday (and leaked a few days earlier) give an insight to what the GT-R Proto will look like. The actual prototype will be shown on the 19th of October during the first press day of the 39th Tokyo Motor Show. The mock-up will give a good indication to the final design of the 2007 production car. It will have no interior or engine so don't expect too much in the way of technical specifications and additional info.



Nissan have set up an official website for the Proto:

GT-R Proto Official

Check back to this blog on the 19th as I will be uploading detailed pictures of the GT-R Proto directly from the motor show!

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September 06, 2005

●Nismo GT LED Tail Lights

Got round to fitting the Nismo GT LED tail lights to the GTR the other day.


When they first came out I really didn't like them but over the last few months for some reason I changed my mind and decided that they were really cool. I mean, if the 2003 GT-500 R34 GT-Rs had them they must be cool!:-)


Pretty straight forward to fit. Once you remove the complete boot trim it's only a question of undoing the 4 bolts that hold the light assembly and carefully sliding it off

You are left with 6 years worth of dust deposit...

Which can be quickly cleaned off with a damp cloth...

How weird does this look?

And the result

Hit the brakes to blind drivers behind you!

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September 03, 2005

●Z-tune @ Nismo Omori Factory

Dropped by Nismo the other day and spotted the first customer Z-tune I have ever seen. A few pictures taken with the phone.



And the 350Z GT racer

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August 24, 2005

●And another GT-R in Italy....

Except the owner has cheated and registered it in Monte Carlo ;-) LOL

What an entrance!!

Pushing out around 500PS thanks to HKS GT-SS turbines

Lowered with HKS suspension. You can see the non-Xenon lights fitted to UK cars. Another of those stupid rules stopped them from using the J-spec Xenon lights! The car from the previous entry has the Japanese lights fitted.

Again Connolly leather interior, Nismo MFD upgrade and the Apex'i Power FC Commander

Having some fun on a DIY skidpad

And what's a days fun without a drag start. Gotta love ATS carbon clutches!

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August 23, 2005

●First BNR34 V-spec in Italy

Went to check out what may well be the first BNR34 in Italy. This car was previously owned by a long term and respected member of the UK GTR Owners Club and is one of the UK spec models that were officially sold in the UK through Middlehurst Nissan. A very rare example which looks brand new and has only covered 12,000 miles since new. Car is immacule throughout and the new owner is very happy with his new toy!



Standard engine except for HKS Super Power Flow kit with foam filters

UK cars go the Connolly leather interior and different mats

Some toys in the form of an Alpine headunit and speakers, as well as the Blitz iD boost controller and meter

Cunning mod to the MFD allows the Alpine navi unit to run through the factory LCD screen. More info on this mod can be found on the tech section at GT-R Central

To allow registration in the EU Nissan had to make sure all the windows were maked "E." I really can't see any difference between these an the Japanese ones except for the marking itself?! Gotta love bureaucracy.

HKS exhaust.

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June 15, 2005

●Top Secret customer BNR34s

It only takes one glance at each of these cars to understand that their respective owners are, well GTR MAD! The dedication they both have to their cars is out of this world. They have reached what many dream of and only a few ever get to and have done it in style by choosing only the best possible products and workmanship out there. I'll leave you to admire the pictures as you'd probably skip over the words to look at the pix anyways!!










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●Garage Saurus BNR32 track/drag Demo Car

Same car, two engine specs. One for track one for drag. Not a bad idea is it? The boys at Saurus know how to make GTRs fast, and by fast I mean really fast! This very car won last years' Tsukuba Super Lap Battle in the hands of D1 driver Nobuteru Taniguchi.


With 780PS (3L engine) this 32 features a very low curb weight and a rear mounted radiator. Also notice the ingenious intake that feeds air to the T88



The drag setup, fitted to the car at the time of shooting, runs a slightly bigger T88 and a 2.7 L engine.



Floor this beast and you leave black lines on the road in the first 3 gears and if you try hard enough you might get a bit of wheel spin in 4th!!! ...remember, the GTR is 4WD:-)



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June 14, 2005

●HKS BNR34 GT-R Street Tune

This car is HKSs interpretation of a usable, powerful street tuned GT-R. Few companies in Japan have as much market share and experience as HKS so it goes without saying that they have put together a very impressive car. Built around a 2.8 liter kit this BNR34 runs a HKS T04Z single turbo with external wastegate and the soon to be released V-Cam Valcon unit.



With the variable timing, low down torque is much improved and a more progressive less explosive power delivery is achieved. Out on the road this GTR is just scary! 650PS and 70kg/m is what the engine puts out and despite what some people might think it actually pulls quite nicely from low down. At around 5,500 the nice smooth torque curve explodes and the rpm shoots towards the redline with unbelievable speed. Good thing the Endless brake system (6 pot front and 4 pot rear) is effective!


Emphasis is on usability and comfort hence the nice leather/carbon leather interior courtesy of Robson Leather (even if this car has now been turned into more of a track going car with a tight front diff and wild cams).





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June 08, 2005

●Matchless Crowd Racing GT-R Demo Car

Even if all eyes are usually on the "open class" demo cars, you really can't help but marvel at what cars like this MCR demo car are achieving under the "street" regulations. Arch rivals of Mine's the guys at MCR have built some pretty amazing cars over the years and this BNR34 is no exception.



Based around a V-spec this unmistakable red Skyline pushes out 650PS thanks to an HKS 2.8 kit and twin GT-RS turbines. Even more impressive are the 72kg/m of torque which come at a pretty high 6,100rpm but give some shockingly fast in gear acceleration. Wheel spin in third is all too common at these power levels...especially with s-tyres on wet roads!


Kobayashi-san, president of MCR, is a bit different from your normal shop owner. Unlike other tuners he does not employ professional drivers to race his cars on the track and at various events, but takes care of that job himself. A seasoned C1 racer Kobayashi has lots of experience in driving and setting up cars which is probably what has lead MCR to be so successful.


Shot of the engine bay. Nothing too dramatic, all the interesting bits can't be seen.


MCR GTR runs full Brembo brake kit, F50 calipers up front and Lotus calipers at the back.


Not often you see track cars on the road! Suspension settings were so hard I hit my head a few times wile bouncing off the seat!


Kobayashi-san giving a quick demo of the car's capabilities.


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June 02, 2005

●Stainless steel diffuser bolts

Got tired of finding sheared threads on the diffuser bolts so finally got round to fitting stainless steel replacements which I have had for ages now. Lifted the car up slightly


And swapped them over. The factory one on the left was actually the only one in good condition


And how it all looks from underneath. Old


and new


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May 21, 2005

●Night time fun

Finally got round to trying out my new camera mount on the GTR. Still not quite happy with the results, will be trying some lower/wider positions in order to get more of the car in the frame. Next thing to do is to attempt such shots during day time for a slightly different effect.





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May 09, 2005

●Bad luck...

Well following the oil change my friendly Nissan Red Stage dealer did I discovered a nice puddle of oil under the car. Problem was a poorly fitted oil filter which allowed a bit of oil to spill out in the week the car wasn't used. Thousands pardons and apologies later the car was picked up and returned the same day.


Had them change some belts too thinking they were the cause of a strange squeaking noise when turning the car on from cold. New belts are now on but the noise is still there...dealer says its the starter motor...strange thing to happen to a 6 years old car. Ok so it sits outside the whole time...some corrosion has probably occurred but the noise still disappears when cold. Almost 60,000 Yen to change the starter motor...will get a second opinion. Has anyone had this problem before?

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May 01, 2005

●Time for an oil change...

Car hit 34,000km this week so time for the 5000km oil change. Using Nismo Veruspeed 10W-60 again which I picked up at Nismo Omori Factory last week (special thanks to Nismo Staff for opening up after hours for me, much appreciated).

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April 14, 2005

●Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-tune [Part II]

As promised here are a few more pictures from the Z-tune test drive.
Front blistered fenders
Powerful yet compact Brembo 6 pot front calipers
Gearbox and rear A-LSD cooler. Notice the rear carbon diffuser has been ditched.
Same LED rear lights used in the 2002 GT-500 GT-Rs...(I'm beginning to like these!)
Nismo Z2 RB28 GT engine. Unfortunately Nismo have no intention of selling that nice and chunky titanium strut bar
Chassis number 001
Rear boot compartment gets the carbon treatment. Only weighs 2Kg
And finally the interior. Red alcantara inserts are an obvious link with Nismo and hold your rear end glued to the seat during fast cornering. Leather might be Connolly but already showing sings of wear, far too shiny and slippery for my liking and not very tightly upholstered around the seats. No idea what's going on with the steering wheel, alcantara trim was good for grip but the rim is far too thin (reminds me of the rim in a FIAT 500!!) Stereo is a 2 DIN unit and looks like its been taken from a 1991 Nissan Gloria. I guess Nismo thought it would be stupid to waste money on a good headunit when its the first thing people cahnge on cars.

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April 09, 2005

●Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-tune [Part I]

Well it doesn't get better than this! One Nismo Z-tune, full tank of gas and 2 hours of fun on the Ashinoko Skyline private road. Nismo has been developing this car since 2000 when it first made an appearance at the Nismo festival by winning the Tuner's Battle. Back then the car was running 600PS and was more like a stripped out performance machine than an actual road car. As the project developed the car was slowly tuned into a more easy to live with road-car which saw the disappearance of the roll cage and the addition of a leather interior, A/C and of course a catalyst to comply with toughening emission standards.
The Z1 engine was de-tuned to the 500PS Z2 variant (which equips the final car). After being tested for years and at the Nürburgring 24h race (slightly different spec) it's safe to say that with its GT block, crank and conrods (from the victorious GT500 RB powered Skylines) this engine is bullet proof. In fact it could handle a hell of a lot more power...but keep in mind Nismo has to offer a reliable car for the 20 lucky customers that will get their hands on the ¥16,900,000 Z-tune.
So how does it go you might be wondering...
As I set off on my test it took me a while to explore the engine's capabilities. This is because I spent at least 5 minutes with my mouth open, in total amazement of the suspension-chassis-brake combination. I have driven a few GT-Rs in my time, a lot more powerful than the Z-tune but as I have always believed, power is not everything. Put it down to the Sachs racing suspension, the revised geometry with harder bushing, the front 1.5 way LSD I don't know what...this Z-tune feels so in touch with the road, the grip is phenomenal and the steering feel is simply awesome bettering a standard BNR34 by a mile offering far more information and weighting up strongly yet progressively when tackling those cambered mountain corners. The brakes...perfect. No other word can sum them up better. They are noisy as hell, bite down in anger at the first millimeter of pedal travel (which can make for jerky heel&toe downshifts) but who cares when they work so well. With S-tyres these Brembo brakes (6-pot front & 4-pot rear) offer 1.6 G of braking force. The ABS was reprogrammed to take into account the increased braking power.
The Z2 engine feels just as special. It revs and responds effortlessly while being totally refined from low rpm. Coming from an ATS twin-plate carbon clutch (fitted to my car) I found the Nismo Coppermix twin a bit unrefined when setting off at low rpm but miles better than the old twins they used to sell. Floor the throttle and the thing takes off. You need at least 4,250 rpm to get any substantial shove (about 1Kg/cm2 at this engine speed) but all hell brakes loose once you hit 5,000 rpm (1.4~1.5) and it doesn't give up accelerating until the fuel cut-off just under 8,000 rpm.
I wasn't expecting such a peaky delivery but I soon began to get used to it. Due to the very stiff suspension (14kg/mm springs front and rear & hard damper settings) not really suited to the bouncy mountain roads I found myself short-shifting 2nd (6,000-7,000rpm) in a few places and getting caught off boost in 3rd...you really have to hit 8,000 rpm if you want 3rd to pick up well. This is a circuit oriented car after all but it drove beautifully on tight mountain roads...although a bit more low-down grunt would have been spot on.
Levels of grip are outstanding. The Attesa E-TS Pro has been reprogrammed to offer a lot more front torque transfer than a standard GT-R. This became evident straight away as I tried to get the back end to drift out, something my car does easily and safely like all GT-Rs. The Z-tune rear end does not budge! Floor it in 2nd at the apex and it just goes around like it was on rails...only time it got remotely out of shape was under hard braking going into a corner. This increased front-end power shift was confirmed by the front torque dial on the MFD which would light up green all the way to the max every time I would get on the power. I would have preferred a bit more adjustability under power but I feel that at these performance levels and on such tight and bumpy roads I would have run out of "talent" and done something stupid!
Check back in a few days for a few more pictures and details from the day.

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April 04, 2005

●Nismo Z-tune bumper

Once I saw the pictures of the new Nismo Z-tune bumper in December I knew I had to get it as soon as it became available. After speaking to the guys at Nismo at the Tokyo Auto Salon I was very happy to learn that the bumper would be sold from early February. So I put my order in. I decided not to go for the wider front fenders as I think they are a bit too square and take away from the lines of the BNR34.
I had no idea how the car would look with this bumper fitted as I had only seen it on the silver Z-tune Final. But once I picked up the car from the paint shop I was very pleased with the result.
I'm very glad to have gotten rid of the middle lip that would fit between the front diffuser and bumper. I always thought it looked cheap. Next thing I need to do is to replace the bolts that hold the diffuser to the Z-tune bumper with some stainless steel items which I have already piked up. The stock bolts don't look too healthy as the front diffuser has been removed from the car many times.
All that needs to be done now is the bonnet. As much as I like the Nismo carbon one I can't justify paying so much for a purely aesthetic mod so I'm looking for a stock V-spec II one. If you have one (TV2) for sale please contact me!

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