November 16, 2006

●iMac G5 on the fritz

Well it seems even Apple computers run into some trouble at times. I've had my iMac G5 since April 2005 and its performed faultlessly, until a few days ago. It seems my particular machine has a problem with the power supply making the computer shut down intermittently. It's doing it 5-6 times a day now, which is not very nice if you are in the middle of something. A short search on Apple's website reveled this is a known problem with 2.0 GHz iMac G5s built at the same time mine was, and Apple will fix the problem for free.

Here is the relevant info from Apples's website:

Only problem now is I can't exactly go without a computer for 7-10 days while it's in for repairs so just placed an order for one of the new MacBooks. I've been meaning to get myself a laptop for some time now and I guess this is the perfect excuse. Hopefully it will get here soon so I can finish backing up all my files and bring the iMac to the Apple Store for repairs.

Posted by dino at November 16, 2006 02:49 PM
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