November 05, 2006

●Curve Auto Design

Met up with Amemiya-san of Curve Auto Design way back in February to check out some of his latest creations. Curve specializes in body modifications, and on top of their own products provide a full custom service for their customers. If you don't like a specific detail on your bumper, or want to integrate parts by different manufacturers then Amemiya-san is your man. Just take a look at the cars below.

First off the Z32 300ZX. Sporting a full Curve body kit and a Revolfe built 480PS engine this is the company's own demo car.

Z32 1

Z32 2

Z32 3

Z32 4

Z32 5

Owned by one of Curve's customers is this wide-body JZX80 Supra. Curve cleaned up and refined the look of the Top Secret wide body kit for a totally bespoke look.

Red Supra 1

Red Supra 2

Red Supra 3

Red Supra 4

Red Supra 5

And if the above cars aren't extreme enough for you then have a look at this fat-ass Supra!!! They don't get wider than this! Here Curve worked with an Abflug wide-body kit and Veilside parts to create an impossibly unique ride.

Blue Supra 1

Blue Supra 2

Blue Supra 3

Blue Supra 4

Blue Supra 5

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