November 20, 2006

●330 km/h Revolfe Aristo

Built by Supra specialist Revolfe SA the black Aristo you see in the links below is possibly the most extreme sleeper currently prowling the streets of Tokyo. Up front is a completely rebuilt 2JZ mated to a good old Trust T88, a set-up capable of cranking out 720 PS! Coping with all this power and the towering 74 kgm of torque is a Supra Getrag 6-speed 'box and ATS triple plate carbon clutch. A mind-blowing set up for a luxury car!

Things have been kept very simple on the exterior with a Curve bodykit, only the rear ARC wing and white TE37 wheels hinting that this is not your average luxury barge! Simpson harnesses and a few gizmos aside the interior has been left untouched. Like every Revolfe built car suspension and brakes are high on the agenda. The Aristo runs F50 Brembo calipers & 370 mm discs up front and F360 calipers with 355 mm discs at the rear. Adjustable Sachs dampers are used all round.

330 km/h Revolfe Aristo

330 km/h Revolfe Aristo

330 km/h Revolfe Aristo

330 km/h Revolfe Aristo

330 km/h Revolfe Aristo

330 km/h Revolfe Aristo

330 km/h Revolfe Aristo

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November 16, 2006

●iMac G5 on the fritz

Well it seems even Apple computers run into some trouble at times. I've had my iMac G5 since April 2005 and its performed faultlessly, until a few days ago. It seems my particular machine has a problem with the power supply making the computer shut down intermittently. It's doing it 5-6 times a day now, which is not very nice if you are in the middle of something. A short search on Apple's website reveled this is a known problem with 2.0 GHz iMac G5s built at the same time mine was, and Apple will fix the problem for free.

Here is the relevant info from Apples's website:

Only problem now is I can't exactly go without a computer for 7-10 days while it's in for repairs so just placed an order for one of the new MacBooks. I've been meaning to get myself a laptop for some time now and I guess this is the perfect excuse. Hopefully it will get here soon so I can finish backing up all my files and bring the iMac to the Apple Store for repairs.

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November 05, 2006

●BMW 335i

Well it's not out for another few months in Japan, but I snapped up these (extremely crappy phone) pix tonight on my driveway. Guess it helps having a BMW employee as a neighbor ;-)
Funny thing is the Beemer badges are taped anyone out on the road can't recognize it as a BMW! I have to say I really like it, far better looking than the saloon, very compact and flowing design. New M3 will be a beauty. Straight 6 twin-turbo engine sounds very fruity,

335i 1

335i 2

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●Curve Auto Design

Met up with Amemiya-san of Curve Auto Design way back in February to check out some of his latest creations. Curve specializes in body modifications, and on top of their own products provide a full custom service for their customers. If you don't like a specific detail on your bumper, or want to integrate parts by different manufacturers then Amemiya-san is your man. Just take a look at the cars below.

First off the Z32 300ZX. Sporting a full Curve body kit and a Revolfe built 480PS engine this is the company's own demo car.

Z32 1

Z32 2

Z32 3

Z32 4

Z32 5

Owned by one of Curve's customers is this wide-body JZX80 Supra. Curve cleaned up and refined the look of the Top Secret wide body kit for a totally bespoke look.

Red Supra 1

Red Supra 2

Red Supra 3

Red Supra 4

Red Supra 5

And if the above cars aren't extreme enough for you then have a look at this fat-ass Supra!!! They don't get wider than this! Here Curve worked with an Abflug wide-body kit and Veilside parts to create an impossibly unique ride.

Blue Supra 1

Blue Supra 2

Blue Supra 3

Blue Supra 4

Blue Supra 5

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