September 05, 2006

●Garage Kagotani BNR34 Time Attack monster!

This is one of the most sought after demo cars in Japan, not to mention one of the fastest out there with a 57.232 around Tsukuba! Believe it or not this is actually a customer car, built to become one of the most unique BNR34s ever made. A custom built GT-style wide body kit is what sets this GT-R apart from others on the road (well not technically as its not road registered!), and it sure attracted a lot of attention at TAS 2006! The kit, unlike the majority of ill-fitting stuff out there is of excellent quality and yours for a cool million Yen.

Some pix:

Exterior 1

Exterior 2

Exterior 3

Exterior 4

Exterior 5

And this was the first ride to wear these impossibly cool Rays titanium-effect wheels!:


And what lies beneath that carbon bonnet you may wonder...:


A T-78 blown RB28 capable of unleashing 700 PS through an OS Giken sequential transmission:


The interior is, well, spartan to say the least. Only the basics have been left untouched, what is not needed to go fast around a track has been relegated to the bin!:


Had to use TE37s for rolling shots as the new Rays were only a prototype of the wrong offset and catch on the AP Racing brake calipers:


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