September 23, 2006

●Busted by Option Magazine....

So I was flicking through the latest issue of Option Magazine and to my surprise I spot a picture of myself driving the GTR!! Seems that without even knowing it I was part of a survey done on Route 315 (Kuramaebashi-dori) on August 27th. I was one of 5 Skyline GTRs that drove by between 10am & 2pm on that particular stretch of road. Out of 4185 vehicles Option counted 145 sports cars, first in the lead was the Legacy Wagon with 17 cars, second was the Altezza with 16, third the Skyline with 15 while the GTR came in 8th with 5 cars. Out of the 145 cars 53 were Toyotas, 31 Subarus and 29 Nissans.

The guys at Option seemed to think that my GTR with Nismo bumper and Rays CE28 is "Sporty"
Well cheers 'cos that's the look I'm going for this season;-)

Some pix:

Main Page Scan

Zoomed Scan of the GTR

And since I'm talking about Option, congrats to Mr. "hipogtr" for getting as nice 2 page spread of his now, even shinier, engine;-)

Posted by dino at September 23, 2006 06:05 PM
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