February 04, 2006

●Honda Collection Hall

I always love dropping by Twin Ring Motegi. Spent a whole afternoon taking in the history behind one of Japan most accomplished sports car and race car makers. Here is a small selection of shots of road and race cars (didn't bother shooting the bikes....tooo many of the damn things!)

1964 Honda S600 Coupe. Powered by a 606 cc, DOHC 4-cylinder. Power? A close to 100PS/Liter 57 PS at 8,500 rpm. Max speed a pretty impressive 145 km/h. 715 Kg curb weight made it a real blast!

1966 S800. 791 cc for 70 PS at 8,000 rpm. 160 km/h & weight of 710 Kg.

The extremely small 1970 Honda Z. Powered by an equally small 354 cc air-cooler twin. Develops 31 PS at 8,500 rpm which pushes the 510 kg Z to 115 km/h.

1st gen NSX-R, superb car

1.5L twin turbo V6 F1 engine. I'll have to make a wallpaper with this engine:D

Some of the more modern F1 machines

2001 DC-5 Tokachi 24 h race winner, driven by Tsuchiya

1995 NSX-LM. Winner of the GT-2 class with Tsuchiya/Iida/Takahashi at the wheel.

V12 F1 engine from 1991 (McLaren). 3,498 cc, 700 PS at 13,000 rpm

2000 GT-550 NSX. 3,500 cc V6, 480 PS at ????? rpm.

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