November 12, 2005

●Idle Problem

While coming home from a meet at Daikoku almost a month ago I run into a bit of trouble with the GTR. Following a quick blast where I floored the car in 6th to see what she could do the front diffuser broke off and started flapping about. Hit the brakes hard and in the process shattered a part of it. This happened because I replaced the standard washers with slightly smaller diameter stainless-steel items. But more on this on a future entry.

So after I slowed down I noticed the engine was sounding rough so I pulled over. Obviously I started panicking and immediately thought the worst. Blown turbo? Blown engine? It was idling weird with a kind of off-set beat and in the process shaking the hell out of the car. I drove it home slowly as I could not go over 60Km/h as the diffuser would start flapping up and down again. Noticed that the engine smoothed out just over 2,000 rpm so obviously the problem was not as serious as I thought. Due to work commitments I couldn't get this sorted out straight away. Ended up taking the car to Tex Modify where they immediately traced the problem to a blown inlet gasket which was letting in air at cylinder n.5 & 6. This was changed this week and replaced with a Tomei metal gasket kit. Car is running smooth as ever and I'm finally glad to get behind the wheel again. Tex also found out the silicone hoses that join the intercooler piping on the inlet side where badly damaged, so these were also replaced. These Greddy items lasted approx. 2 years since they were fitted new by Mine's when they fit the Trust intercooler.

You can just about see the new Tomei metal gaskets


And the new I/C hoses


Came very close to fitting the Nismo GT-plenum since the stock plenum had to be removed. But I was told I would definitely need a re-map or I would end up leaning out in the mid-range. As I run a Mine's VX-Rom (non-remappable by third parties) I'm kind of "stuck" so changed my mind :-(

Posted by dino at November 12, 2005 01:07 PM
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