November 15, 2005

●D1-GP Round 6, Fuji Speedway

Major delay in posting this up! With the D1-GP final coming up this Sunday in Tsukuba I thought I'd better post the pictures from Fuji before they get too out of date!

Fuji was just what D1 needed. A bit of variation! The drivers were taking amazing speeds into the corners making for an amazing spectacle.


Kazama favorite to win. Massive point lead over Sunaga going into Rd.6 but got eliminated earlier on loosing much of his lead.


Orido smoking those tyres!!



Gotta love the background. They don't call it Fuji Speedway for nothing;-)


Tanakas new car for 2006. Tex Modify prepared Team Yukes RWD Impreza


The two finalists, Ueo and Suenaga. Ueo, in my eyes, was by far the most impressive driver on the day. Despite his massive power deficiency he gave it all he had to keep up with the turbo cars. His full speed, flicks into the hairpin corner will be hard to forget. He never used the brakes!!


But in the end the judges picked Suenaga.


Great day of drifting. Stay tuned for more action from the 2005 final at Tsukuba.

Posted by dino at November 15, 2005 03:01 PM
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