August 09, 2005

●Newera Imports S15 Silvia SpecR

First off apologies for the lack of updates, I'll get into why this happened on a later entry. For now feast your eyes on this lovely looking Silvia built and mentained by Gareth Brunt of Newera Imports .


Gareth came to Japan in 2004 to work for Newera and was faced with the hard choice of what company car to get. Miguel, president of Newera, suggested a tuned R32 GT-R but Gareth wanted to get into the drifting scene and so looked for something a bit different. When this superb looking white S15 Silvia came up at an auction he knew it was the right car even if a bit over budget.


Over his 12 month stay in Japan Gareth did a substantial amount of work on the Silvia, like fitting massive Brembo F50 front brake kit and full R33 GT-R rear Brembo conversion (with handbrake and all). Most impressive job has to be the Defi gauges cleanly and seamlessly fitted in the air vent housings as well as the massively tall rear GT-wing.



Engine wise this S15 kicks out around 380PS thanks of a equal length ex-manifold, Nismo exhaust, HKS F-Con V Pro and EVC.


Gareth had lots of fun racing this car against Miguel's RX-7 which up until a few months ago was very evenly matched power wise, not to mention getting the tail wide around the deserted roads of Oi Futo in the wee hours of the morning.



Miguel keen to show the camera how things are done in the Silvia...


The Silvia is being shipped to the UK now where Gareth, now back home, will be putting the finishing touches to it before probably selling it on.

Many thanks to Miguel for bringing the Newera S15 to Daikoku Futo for the shoot. Next time it will have to be the Rex;-)


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