August 20, 2005

●Galleria Ferrari

Finally had the chance to visit Galleria Ferrari in Maranello. Looked a bit like an abandoned building outside what with poorly maintained grounds and overgrown weeds all over the place, but I guess that's how Italians like to do things;-) But things get better inside, with cars like these to drool over...

156/86 (1985) V6 1496cc, 780 HP @ 11,000 rpm

The legend...back in the days when F1 was still interesting...

If this isn't a mean angle I don't know what is!


Prodrive 550



360 GT


288 GT0


My favorite Ferrari, the F40

1994 F1 engine, 3500cc, 48 valve V12, 750 HP

Enzo V12

2002 F1 engine, 2997 cc, 40 valve V10, 840 HP . Shot of the inside of the air-box

Last year's F1 engine. Note the type of air filter that is used(paper)

Ferrari at its best. Make a model of a car that is totally pointless (why screw with the beautiful 575?) and absolutely ugly and everybody will buy it! All 559 Ferrari 575 Superamerica were sold before the car went officially on sale. Features a cunning and innovative rotating roof. What I don't get is what happens if it starts raining cats and dogs with the roof down? Does the roof collect liters of water that will then be pored on the occupants at the flick of a button...or will the electric motors burn out lifting the extra weight?

The mighty Enzo. I think this was a pre-production model as the whole rear section was out of alignment with the rest of the car. You could literally stick your index fingers down some of the panel gaps. Looks like they can learn a thing or two from Lexus...LOL

1968 Ferrari P6 Concept, how cool is this car?? 365 GT4 BB went on to take styling cues from this car

So this in the end turned out to be a great place. Most interesting for me was the prototype engines in curios configurations, both aspirated and turbocharged. And a round of applause to who ever was responsible for writing the English information boards and various name plates. It's very disappointing to see the most renowned sports car maker in the world struggling to hire people proficient enough in the English language to avoid making spelling mistakes in virtually every sentence. I spotted a few British visitors shocked at what they were reading! Come on Ferrari you can do better than that surely?

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