August 11, 2005

●BMW M6 - Part I -

You really can't go wrong with a 5.0 L V10 no matter where you put it. Couple it with a latest generation smooth shifting 7-speed Getrag SMG gearbox and things can't get any better. The design of the new BMW 6-series might not be to everyone's taste, after all it is Bangle's most daring design to date. But I like it, a lot. I like it's originality, the way the creased lines of the bodywork play with the light and the fact that it looks like nothing else on the road. But then again I was one of the few that liked the pre-face lift 7-series, so maybe it's a bit easier for me to digest the look of this new coupe. I'm even beginning to accept the rear boot lid, it's just one of those things that you either love or hate.

You really have to look hard to tell the M6 apart from a normal 6-series though. Apart from mildly aggressive front and rear bumpers and the M-badged wing vents it looks rather plain. Of course those lovely thin-spoked 19" wheels are hard to miss but it all looks very mature and almost bland on the outside. Harder to spot on this black M6 was the super technologically advanced carbon roof panel which thanks to it's lightweight construction reduces the car's roll center. Great little detail but why bother at all when the M6 nudges 1800Kg!! It almost seems a bit of a joke.






But the M6 has no intention of setting fast lap times around the world's most demanding circuits, it just wants to offer great performance coupled with everyday comfort and usability. And this it does very well indeed. Interior space is vast, rear seats are good enough for 2 adults although there is little room for your feet thanks to the electronics-packed front seats. Build quality as you would expect is very good as is the choice of materials. Color coordination is obviously something the germans still need to work on a bit as is perfectly demonstrated by the vomit inducing maroon leather seats and wood trim combination.





But we all know the interesting aspect about this car is the high-revving (stoke is only 75.2 mm, bore 92 mm) V10. 507HP at 7750 rpm and 520Nm at 6100 rpm are very impressive numbers. The torque curve might look a bit peeky but the truth is it works quite well in practice having enough twisting power to smoke the rear wheels in second and give a nice chirp when shifting into third.



Other nice details include an interestingly finned rear diff housing


Looks aggressive, but then again it doesn't.



So great car but what remains a mystery is why BMW wants 21,000 Euro more than the M5 for it. A very interesting marketing move that will no doubt assure waiting lists for the M5 keep growing. Small detail...the bland BMW looking key on top of the super technologically advanced carbon roof panel. It's very light you know...;-)


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