June 05, 2005


It's all about being different. Personalizing your car to make it stand out is one thing, but what Mr. Koseki (president of Scoot) has done, takes this idea to a whole new level.


The idea was to make a one off car that would showcase what this company can do. Having worked in Formula 1 as a suspension engineer Mr. Koseki knows a thing or two about creating fast cars and this can be seen in virtually every detail of the Scoot RX-7.



As you can see the result looks amazing to say the least. The lines of the FD have completely been lost, in it's place a mini-Carrera GT look for the front end and a Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car look for the rear. Add scissor doors that work and shut like they were factory and you have one amazing looking car. The front bonnet is a Scoot special...one of the best out there for the FD. (Watch out for cheap imitations!!)




But what really sets this Scoot RX-7 apart form anything else on the road is it's custom built 4-rotor NA engine. Pushing out 400PS at 8,000rpm this little rotary can easily rev to 10,000rpm and has the most incredibly sharp throttle response, ever! It breathes through 4 separate throttle bodies and a custom carbon air box while a special exhaust system has been developed to quieten it down to acceptable levels. Out on the road this car sounds more like a high revving sports bike than a car and certainly gets a few looks.


Interior is finished off with two carbon racing seats and acres of lovely smooth alcantara.


Look closely and you will notice a very special dash. Not yet on sale this Defi "Super Sports Cluster" dash/data/logging unit will hit shops this summer and is packed with lots of cool features. The multi display section in the bottom provides countless engine parameter readings and is easily controlled with a small remote control unit. The days of working with obsolete interfaces is gone, all data logging is stored on an SD card...superb idea!! Find out more about this great product at:

DEFI Super Sports Cluster


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