June 14, 2005

●HKS BNR34 GT-R Street Tune

This car is HKSs interpretation of a usable, powerful street tuned GT-R. Few companies in Japan have as much market share and experience as HKS so it goes without saying that they have put together a very impressive car. Built around a 2.8 liter kit this BNR34 runs a HKS T04Z single turbo with external wastegate and the soon to be released V-Cam Valcon unit.



With the variable timing, low down torque is much improved and a more progressive less explosive power delivery is achieved. Out on the road this GTR is just scary! 650PS and 70kg/m is what the engine puts out and despite what some people might think it actually pulls quite nicely from low down. At around 5,500 the nice smooth torque curve explodes and the rpm shoots towards the redline with unbelievable speed. Good thing the Endless brake system (6 pot front and 4 pot rear) is effective!


Emphasis is on usability and comfort hence the nice leather/carbon leather interior courtesy of Robson Leather (even if this car has now been turned into more of a track going car with a tight front diff and wild cams).





Posted by dino at June 14, 2005 01:59 AM
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