June 15, 2005

●Garage Saurus BNR32 track/drag Demo Car

Same car, two engine specs. One for track one for drag. Not a bad idea is it? The boys at Saurus know how to make GTRs fast, and by fast I mean really fast! This very car won last years' Tsukuba Super Lap Battle in the hands of D1 driver Nobuteru Taniguchi.


With 780PS (3L engine) this 32 features a very low curb weight and a rear mounted radiator. Also notice the ingenious intake that feeds air to the T88



The drag setup, fitted to the car at the time of shooting, runs a slightly bigger T88 and a 2.7 L engine.



Floor this beast and you leave black lines on the road in the first 3 gears and if you try hard enough you might get a bit of wheel spin in 4th!!! ...remember, the GTR is 4WD:-)



Posted by dino at June 15, 2005 01:34 AM
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