June 01, 2005

●Amuse Fairlady Z

The 350Z is a superb coupe. You can't really fault it in many areas unless you are being very picky....in fact the only negative things I can come up with are the weight and the lack of power from the engine (like every new car on the market!). Don't get me wrong the engine is a sweet little unit, a bit slow revving but very full at low rpm and linear in delivery. But a boost in power would be very welcome (isn't it always). Enter Amuse.



Mr Tanabe has worked miracles with the Z, not only going for the obligatory power hike but taking it that step further and shedding lots of weight (over 120 Kg) with extensive use of carbon parts. Looking at it it almost looks factory but the rear tail gate, doors, bumper and bonnet are all in carbon fiber.



The VQ35DE has been reworked, fitted with Nismo heads and fine tuned on the Dynapack to produce an impressive 349PS and 42Kgm of torque. With the use of a faster throttle valve (drive by wire) and the high performance map of the Amuse ECU what is most noticeable at first is the incredibly sharp and instantaneous throttle response. Put your foot down and the Amuse Z just takes off down the road with amazing urgency for an NA car. The titanium exhaust is simply awesome...not only does it sound amazing but it looks pretty damn good too!! But most impressive of all is the stock feel you get from this Z. Engine idles smoothly at 1000 rpm, pulls in top at any rpm just like in standard form.


Interior looks almost as factory as the exterior, just two carbon/Kevlar Recaro race seats and a Momo wheel add a bit of individuality




Posted by dino at June 1, 2005 02:46 PM
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