June 15, 2005

●Top Secret customer BNR34s

It only takes one glance at each of these cars to understand that their respective owners are, well GTR MAD! The dedication they both have to their cars is out of this world. They have reached what many dream of and only a few ever get to and have done it in style by choosing only the best possible products and workmanship out there. I'll leave you to admire the pictures as you'd probably skip over the words to look at the pix anyways!!










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●Revolution NSX & RX-8

Revolution have one of the fastest track RX-7s in Japan. Even if they are masters with rotaries this doesn't stop them from dealing with other cars like this stunning red Acura NSX. Pushing out 360PS from it's NA 3.1 L engine this car means business!



You should hear the single exit exhaust at full revs! (8,500rpm)



Yes I know it's missing the rear GT-wing!;-)



And how about this RX-8! Full roll cage to regain some of the lost stiffness lost to the rear suicide doors, custom intake, titanium exhaust and AP racing brakes. Too bad the seat was so small I couldn't even get one leg in there!! :-(






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●Garage Saurus BNR32 track/drag Demo Car

Same car, two engine specs. One for track one for drag. Not a bad idea is it? The boys at Saurus know how to make GTRs fast, and by fast I mean really fast! This very car won last years' Tsukuba Super Lap Battle in the hands of D1 driver Nobuteru Taniguchi.


With 780PS (3L engine) this 32 features a very low curb weight and a rear mounted radiator. Also notice the ingenious intake that feeds air to the T88



The drag setup, fitted to the car at the time of shooting, runs a slightly bigger T88 and a 2.7 L engine.



Floor this beast and you leave black lines on the road in the first 3 gears and if you try hard enough you might get a bit of wheel spin in 4th!!! ...remember, the GTR is 4WD:-)



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●HKS Toyota Chaser

Here is another HKS tuned car. Very basic mods in the form of a GT turbine and a drift oriented set up. Very responsive engine and tight rear diff means getting the back end out is very easy!






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June 14, 2005

●HKS BNR34 GT-R Street Tune

This car is HKSs interpretation of a usable, powerful street tuned GT-R. Few companies in Japan have as much market share and experience as HKS so it goes without saying that they have put together a very impressive car. Built around a 2.8 liter kit this BNR34 runs a HKS T04Z single turbo with external wastegate and the soon to be released V-Cam Valcon unit.



With the variable timing, low down torque is much improved and a more progressive less explosive power delivery is achieved. Out on the road this GTR is just scary! 650PS and 70kg/m is what the engine puts out and despite what some people might think it actually pulls quite nicely from low down. At around 5,500 the nice smooth torque curve explodes and the rpm shoots towards the redline with unbelievable speed. Good thing the Endless brake system (6 pot front and 4 pot rear) is effective!


Emphasis is on usability and comfort hence the nice leather/carbon leather interior courtesy of Robson Leather (even if this car has now been turned into more of a track going car with a tight front diff and wild cams).





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June 09, 2005

●Tokyo Special Import-Car Show

It's bling time!!! Yeee-haaaa! Driving an import car around the Japanese capital is already a step in the right direction if you want to stand out from the crowds. You even get bonus points if your steering wheel is on the wrong side! But as S500s and S55s are getting as common as taxis and everybody has mulit-million Yen Lorinser or AC Schnitzer kits on their rides it's time to get pimp-tastic and check out what's new in the import tuning world. Here are a few selected pix from the show held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center.

Gemballa Cayenne (no matter what you do to it, it remains the ugliest thing on 4 wheels. Ever!)

CLS by ART. Superb looking car.

Breyton 5-series

Neez Mg wheels for your Enzo?

Uhmmmm, nice!

Admire Nissan for building the coolest and most car-like SUV out there. Hate them for only selling it in the US!!!!

White Ferraris...only in Japan!

Custom exhaust system for Lambo Countach

Even 24" rims look small on the new RR

Very practical.

22" BAZO rims on an SL

300C not cool enough? This SRT8 is the model for you!

Gallardo....they butchered the rear bodywork to fit a spoiler. Who ever did this deserves serious punishment!

H2 on 28" rims. Looks like a 30's pram...


Twin turbo Lamborghini Diablo. Stay tuned for more info on this car!

The ultimate ride for the gentleman drug-dealer:-)

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June 08, 2005

●Matchless Crowd Racing GT-R Demo Car

Even if all eyes are usually on the "open class" demo cars, you really can't help but marvel at what cars like this MCR demo car are achieving under the "street" regulations. Arch rivals of Mine's the guys at MCR have built some pretty amazing cars over the years and this BNR34 is no exception.



Based around a V-spec this unmistakable red Skyline pushes out 650PS thanks to an HKS 2.8 kit and twin GT-RS turbines. Even more impressive are the 72kg/m of torque which come at a pretty high 6,100rpm but give some shockingly fast in gear acceleration. Wheel spin in third is all too common at these power levels...especially with s-tyres on wet roads!


Kobayashi-san, president of MCR, is a bit different from your normal shop owner. Unlike other tuners he does not employ professional drivers to race his cars on the track and at various events, but takes care of that job himself. A seasoned C1 racer Kobayashi has lots of experience in driving and setting up cars which is probably what has lead MCR to be so successful.


Shot of the engine bay. Nothing too dramatic, all the interesting bits can't be seen.


MCR GTR runs full Brembo brake kit, F50 calipers up front and Lotus calipers at the back.


Not often you see track cars on the road! Suspension settings were so hard I hit my head a few times wile bouncing off the seat!


Kobayashi-san giving a quick demo of the car's capabilities.


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June 05, 2005


It's all about being different. Personalizing your car to make it stand out is one thing, but what Mr. Koseki (president of Scoot) has done, takes this idea to a whole new level.


The idea was to make a one off car that would showcase what this company can do. Having worked in Formula 1 as a suspension engineer Mr. Koseki knows a thing or two about creating fast cars and this can be seen in virtually every detail of the Scoot RX-7.



As you can see the result looks amazing to say the least. The lines of the FD have completely been lost, in it's place a mini-Carrera GT look for the front end and a Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car look for the rear. Add scissor doors that work and shut like they were factory and you have one amazing looking car. The front bonnet is a Scoot special...one of the best out there for the FD. (Watch out for cheap imitations!!)




But what really sets this Scoot RX-7 apart form anything else on the road is it's custom built 4-rotor NA engine. Pushing out 400PS at 8,000rpm this little rotary can easily rev to 10,000rpm and has the most incredibly sharp throttle response, ever! It breathes through 4 separate throttle bodies and a custom carbon air box while a special exhaust system has been developed to quieten it down to acceptable levels. Out on the road this car sounds more like a high revving sports bike than a car and certainly gets a few looks.


Interior is finished off with two carbon racing seats and acres of lovely smooth alcantara.


Look closely and you will notice a very special dash. Not yet on sale this Defi "Super Sports Cluster" dash/data/logging unit will hit shops this summer and is packed with lots of cool features. The multi display section in the bottom provides countless engine parameter readings and is easily controlled with a small remote control unit. The days of working with obsolete interfaces is gone, all data logging is stored on an SD card...superb idea!! Find out more about this great product at:

DEFI Super Sports Cluster


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June 02, 2005

●Stainless steel diffuser bolts

Got tired of finding sheared threads on the diffuser bolts so finally got round to fitting stainless steel replacements which I have had for ages now. Lifted the car up slightly


And swapped them over. The factory one on the left was actually the only one in good condition


And how it all looks from underneath. Old


and new


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June 01, 2005

●Amuse Fairlady Z

The 350Z is a superb coupe. You can't really fault it in many areas unless you are being very picky....in fact the only negative things I can come up with are the weight and the lack of power from the engine (like every new car on the market!). Don't get me wrong the engine is a sweet little unit, a bit slow revving but very full at low rpm and linear in delivery. But a boost in power would be very welcome (isn't it always). Enter Amuse.



Mr Tanabe has worked miracles with the Z, not only going for the obligatory power hike but taking it that step further and shedding lots of weight (over 120 Kg) with extensive use of carbon parts. Looking at it it almost looks factory but the rear tail gate, doors, bumper and bonnet are all in carbon fiber.



The VQ35DE has been reworked, fitted with Nismo heads and fine tuned on the Dynapack to produce an impressive 349PS and 42Kgm of torque. With the use of a faster throttle valve (drive by wire) and the high performance map of the Amuse ECU what is most noticeable at first is the incredibly sharp and instantaneous throttle response. Put your foot down and the Amuse Z just takes off down the road with amazing urgency for an NA car. The titanium exhaust is simply awesome...not only does it sound amazing but it looks pretty damn good too!! But most impressive of all is the stock feel you get from this Z. Engine idles smoothly at 1000 rpm, pulls in top at any rpm just like in standard form.


Interior looks almost as factory as the exterior, just two carbon/Kevlar Recaro race seats and a Momo wheel add a bit of individuality




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