May 13, 2005

●Step up in performance

Well it was inevitable that I would need to upgrade my desktop soon. What with my poor 500MHz G4 Cube struggling to keep up with the weekly 1000+ photos I throw at it. So as soon as the G5 iMac was updated last week I put my order in. A few days later a big box showed up on my doorstep


Being a total Mac addict I can't stop myself looking at the sheer elegance and simplicity of the iMac's design. And with 2GHz of G5 processing speed and 1Gb or RAM it takes everything I throw at it. In fact it has cut down the time it takes me to sort through pictures by almost half, Photoshop has become a joy to use rather than an exercise in patience and the 20 inch screen (1680x1050) is just a bonus to say the least.


But I can't bring myself to eliminate the Cube quite yet. I will use it for the odd job as it's still a good computer. In almost 5 years of use it has never let me down.


Side by side


Posted by dino at May 13, 2005 12:03 PM
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