May 13, 2005

●Spoon Sports

Stopped by Spoon Sports' Type One Garage ( & to check out their workshop where development continues of their latest and weirdest demo car, the KB1 Honda Legend. You might think it's strange to dedicate time to a luxury saloon but this Legend is actually a stripped out (-450Kg!) race car that will be participating in the US Touring Car Championship in the future as well as next year's Nurbugring 24h race. Since the car is not on sale in Europe it hasn't really caught anyone's attention yet but this is the first production car in the world to be fitted with a torque vectoring system (SH-AWD in Honda talk). Only other cars currently using such technology are in the WRC! Spoon have now fitted a Bosh dual clutch gearbox and are continuing development on the 300PS 3.5L V6 powered touring car.


The workshop, set on two floors (cars are brought into the main area on the second floor by an elevator), is testament to their work ethic. Clean and organized you would think they build F1 cars here, a complete opposite to most of the tuning shops here in Japan.



Their Super Taikyu S2000 racer neatly sits in an elevated display position in a dark corner...





Take a look at this 4-2-1 manifold for the S2000...looks even more impressive from the inside!


One of the coolest cars there!


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