May 11, 2005

●JUN Auto Mechanic Lancer Evolution 9 RS

Back at JUN Auto Mechanic ( to check out and test drive their latest demo car, the brand new Lancer Evolution 9. I have much respect for this company, they make some of the most sought after products in the tuning market and are always working on brand new projects keeping them well ahead in this game. That's without mentioning their successes in everything ranging from high speed runs to track battles. This new Evo 9 has just completed it's first stage of tuning that has yielded some impressive results. 412PS at 6,900rpm and a massive 51.5kgm at a very handy 4,400rpm. As Koyama-san explains their goal for this "stage-1" set-up is to run a 1 minute lap at Tsukuba, something that they will no doubt achieve. Based on the lightweight RS model this 9 runs the titanium/magnesium some serious boost pressure. In fact the power run on their Bosh dyno was done at 1.8 km/cm2 (falling back to 1.4kg/cm2 as rpm rises) which is pretty much the max it can take. Out on the road this Evo hits you with seriously explosive mid-range torque, the MIVEC no doubt playing a small part in such smooth and constant delivery. Suspension is courtesy of ZEAL and feels excellent out on the road even if set up for Fuji Speedway! Thanks to some very aggressive camber and sticky A048 S-tyres the turn-in and grip are both superb. But during my short test drive what really got my attention was the Endless brake set-up. WOW! I've always had a thing for good brakes and the Endless kit (6-pot front & 4-pot rear) really is top notch. Most importantly it's very balanced shedding speed at such an alarming rate you really must make sure you check the rear view mirror to make sure traffic is not too close! Great car and as with every JUN machine you can expect some serious results.

Special thanks to Koyama-san for giving up his precious time for the day.

Some pictures.



Check out that manifold

Cusco titanium strut tower bar

Quick-release mechanism for Personal steering wheel. Can't steal your car if you take the steerign wheel with you;-)

Endless rear brakes




Advan RG-II

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