May 08, 2005

●D1-GP Round 3, Sugo

And the D1 Grand Prix continues. With Ueo securing a surprising win at Odaiba the big boys wanted to get right back on track at Sugo. And that's just what happened as Kasama took his second win of the 2005 season by beating an emotional Nomuken in the final. I, like many, didn't think much of the judging at this round. With drivers like Kumakubo in his JUN Impreza, Kawabata in the Trust S15 and Suenaga in the RE-Amemiya FD putting on amazing shows of skill, physics defying angles and tons of smoke, it's very strange they didn't make it through. Tsuchiya's and Suzuki's eyesight must be getting worse;-) Disappointing run again from Orido in his RS-R Supra.



Got to ride with Ueo in his AE86....Jesus these guys are good! They make it look so easy it's unbelievable. He was happy to show me that he can drift at top speed in 5th gear along the straights...all I could do was grin like an idiot and enjoy the ride! Too bad it was over so quickly!



I wonder if I'm the only one that thinks Kumakubo was by far the best at Sugo? Every drift, full lock, massive speed, excellent positioning and a hell of a lot of smoke!

Tanaka in very good form thanks to a well prepared Tex Modify S15

Kawabata and his S15 in warp speed

To the limit!

Bee-R R324 drift car finally putting down some good runs and proving you need a lot of power and torque to smoke some tyres!

Autobacs BNR34 RWD GT-R drift car. Lots of smoke thanks to a T04Z and a 600PS engine

Toyota Verrossa....without a doubt the ugliest car on the D1 circuit (does the job though!)

Kasama wins with the Kei-Office S15

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