May 09, 2005

●Bad luck...

Well following the oil change my friendly Nissan Red Stage dealer did I discovered a nice puddle of oil under the car. Problem was a poorly fitted oil filter which allowed a bit of oil to spill out in the week the car wasn't used. Thousands pardons and apologies later the car was picked up and returned the same day.


Had them change some belts too thinking they were the cause of a strange squeaking noise when turning the car on from cold. New belts are now on but the noise is still says its the starter motor...strange thing to happen to a 6 years old car. Ok so it sits outside the whole time...some corrosion has probably occurred but the noise still disappears when cold. Almost 60,000 Yen to change the starter motor...will get a second opinion. Has anyone had this problem before?

Posted by dino at May 9, 2005 05:49 PM
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