May 26, 2005

●Amuse S2000 GT1

You've probably played with it on Gran Turismo 4, but this is no GC car, this is the real deal, the Power House Amuse S2000 GT1. Well actually the car you see here is not the demo car they are building, that wont be ready before the end of the year, but a customer car.



Spend a few minutes in the company of Mr. Tanabe and you quickly understand how things are done at Amuse. Carbon and Titanium are the materials of choice for this company which has built a reputation for creating the highest quality exhaust systems. But more about that later. The S2000 GT1's carbon kit is simply awesome out on the road. It has so much road presence it can't be put into words. It would certainly be hard to better these looks!




The pearl white of this car was perfect to show off the lines Tanabe-san shaped himself. As with every Amuse car the wheels of choice could have only been Volk Racing CE28N, a superb choice if I do say so myslef;-)



But for how pretty this S2000 GT1 is everyone is waiting for the proper demo car to be finished. We hope to see this car at the Tsukuba Super Lap Battle at the end of the year! As you can see the F20 engine is all finished up, features JUN internals (stock 87mm pistons, JUN rods & crank) for a capacity of 2259 cc while the compression ratio has been decreased to 8.8:1 to accommodate the rather mean looking HKS GT3240 turbo you see sprouting out of one side (note the custom manifold)!


To cope with all the power (some 550PS) the S2000 running gear had to be binned and replaced with BNR34 GTR rear member + diff case & drive shafts. Couple this to an HKS sequential and a serious weight reduction and you have a devastatingly fast track car. Can't wait to see this at Tsukuba....

[Thanks @ Lorenzo for the pic:-)]


Many thanks to Tanabe-san for giving up a lot of his day to accommodate the photoshoot.

Posted by dino at May 26, 2005 06:20 PM
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