May 26, 2005

●Amuse Carbon-R + Shop

This lightweight carbon R34 GTR was the hottest car of 2004. A custom machine that was initially going to be a street car but turned out to be a full on race car. Weighing around 1100Kg and with over 600PS powering the rear wheels (yes, just the rear ones!) this is a impressive machine. More development has been carried out on this car so expect to see more of it in the future.



Notice how the whole section ahead of the upper mounts has been cut away, re-fabricated in carbon and elongated to provide better cooling and aerodynamics. Hard to miss the titanium I/C piping which has been kept short for best throttle response.


The mother or all straight through exhausts! Too cool for school!


Brake calipers are still standard Brembos...remember it's 0.5 tons lighter!

Tanabe san on the Dynapack


350Z titanium exhaust.



One of the latest Amuse products. Titanium springs (for S2000). And you thought only Ferrari and McLaren owners could ever brag about things like this...Pfft;-)


The one on the left is an Amuse weld. Notice how much cleaner it is. Absolutely smooth on the inside too for best flow.


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