April 16, 2005

●Veilside Ferrari 575 Maranello

Big V12 up front and rear wheel drive. This has always been the recipe of a true Ferrari. Sure the mid-engined V8 series of cars have proven to be impeccable performers but there is something special about a big Ferrari GT. When the 550 Maranello was unveiled I truly suffered. It was such a special looking car I would have done anything to own one. Living close to one of the UK's biggest Ferrari dealers didn't really help as not one day went by that I did not see the 550 in all its glory out on test drives or sitting in the showroom. It was hell, in a good way. But fast forward a few years and I now find myself in front of Veilside's version of the updated original car, the 575 Maranello.
As with the Bentley Continental GT this Ferrari is part of the new Premium Collection the company recently launched. Mr. Yokomaku, the founder and president of Veilside, got to work on the 575's exterior by creating a subtle kit that would add some Veilside style to the Italian exotic. Using carbon fiber he molded a deeper front splitter into the original front bumper and integrated canards on the sides to generate some front downforce. This, in theory, should help high speed cornering while the rear Venturi diffuser generates more downforce. Some side under spoilers finish off the kit which looks pretty menacing on this black demo car. 19-inch Andrew Premier Series chrome wheels are used for an in your face pimp look, and wear Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tyres...massive 355/25 for the rears!
The titanium exhaust, which costs ¥1.5 million(!), does wonders for the Maranello's V12, which in Ferrari terms does not sound at all special. The aggressive down-changes made by the F1 gearbox are followed by lots of crackling and backfiring which sounds pretty nice out on the road.
The interior has been upholstered in red ostrich leather which doesn't look as horrendous as it sounds, but why anyone would replace the soft Italian leather of the standard car is beyond me. A Pioneer head-unit with flip-out LCD screen takes care of the audio/video install which also includes and HD navigation module.

Posted by dino at April 16, 2005 01:24 AM
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