April 04, 2005

●Veilside Bentley Continental GT

Nothing could be further from my ideal car than a Bentley Continental GT. Its big, its pimp and its heavier than a full-sized SUV! Then why do I like this thing so much?? Hoping to answer this question I made my way to Veilside in February to take a closer look at their very own GT. In a bold move the famed Japanese tuner has taken a leap of faith and began catering for high-end luxury and exotic cars. The "Premier Collection" http://www.veilside.com/premier is proof that the company is maturing and although it will continue to offer its usual over the top body-kits, its nice to see a well established company taking a new direction. The owner and founder of Veilside, Hiranao Yokomaku, who styles all the kits by hand has toned down his usual design cues and settled for a more refined look. The kit on the GT features very subtle front and rear integrated lips and chunkier side skirts all made in carbon fiber.
I loved the way the kit adds a touch more aggressiveness to the bulbous GT and doesn't interfere with the original design of the car.
Massive 22" three-spoke wheels finish the car off while giving the much needed gangster look! Surprisingly enough these huge wheels don't effect ride quality at all as the active suspension take the edge out of the lower profiled rubber.
Thanks to the full titanium exhaust the concoction of offset frequencies that sprout from the crystal tail pipes (I'm not commenting on these!) is simply awesome. Think a mix of V8 and V12 soundtracks mixed together churning out a distinctive low edged rumble. Awesome.
Once behind the wheel I'm astounded at how the mighty W12 twin turbo propels this 2.5 ton beast so effortlessly.
I have never experienced such mechanical refinement and have to say I quite enjoyed it...for a few minutes. Then I began to notice little things that, for me at least, have always been at the core of automotive enjoyment.
Steering feel, brake feel, how the car communicates with the driver...everything felt num in the GT, over-servoed everything! Might be great for your comfortable drive to the golf club but disappointing for people looking for some driver involvement. I was expecting something along these lines, but even so I have to say I still love the GT for its emotional lines and superb interior. Its one of those cars you can't help but like, but would never buy.

Posted by dino at April 4, 2005 04:41 PM
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