April 18, 2005

●Tsukuba Hyper Challenge

The Tsukuba Hyper Challenge is a like heaven for Evo, Impreza and Legacy lovers. With all the best tuners showing up for some head to head combat on the track and an amazing display of demo cars, parts and girls it was without a doubt one to remember. Here are a few snaps:

Brand new JUN Evo 9 GT demo car

The guys at Zero Sports have made one hell of a fast Impreza! Based on the non STi GDA this beast can lap Tsukuba in 58 sec and features a lowered engine, custom intake plenum and a curb weight of 1136Kg

The Bozz Speed I featured a few weeks back was having some problems with the hot weather and couldn't manage a decent lap. Its potentially another 58 sec Impreza

Original Rundance Evo. This company from Okayama has built one of the fastest Evos in the world and it lapped fastest during the day with a mid 57 sec lap. Running a 2.2 kit and an HKS T04Z turbine it produces around 650PS....crazy stuff!

One for Fast & Furious 3 maybe;-)

Mine's out in force with their new Evo 9 GT demo car and STi S203 demo car

Not the "real" Cyber Evo, but another less powerful demo car. Weird they didn't run their proper car!

Roketto Dancer Impreza

Another fast Impreza

Cusco Evo

Nakaya, the master of "zero-counter," showing off his drifting skills. Getting an Evo this sideways takes serious skills. You can learn his techniques at his racing school. Stay tuned for some more info on this.

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