April 04, 2005

●Nismo Z-tune bumper

Once I saw the pictures of the new Nismo Z-tune bumper in December I knew I had to get it as soon as it became available. After speaking to the guys at Nismo at the Tokyo Auto Salon I was very happy to learn that the bumper would be sold from early February. So I put my order in. I decided not to go for the wider front fenders as I think they are a bit too square and take away from the lines of the BNR34.
I had no idea how the car would look with this bumper fitted as I had only seen it on the silver Z-tune Final. But once I picked up the car from the paint shop I was very pleased with the result.
I'm very glad to have gotten rid of the middle lip that would fit between the front diffuser and bumper. I always thought it looked cheap. Next thing I need to do is to replace the bolts that hold the diffuser to the Z-tune bumper with some stainless steel items which I have already piked up. The stock bolts don't look too healthy as the front diffuser has been removed from the car many times.
All that needs to be done now is the bonnet. As much as I like the Nismo carbon one I can't justify paying so much for a purely aesthetic mod so I'm looking for a stock V-spec II one. If you have one (TV2) for sale please contact me!

Posted by dino at April 4, 2005 06:12 PM
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