April 30, 2005

●Indy Japan 300 Mile, Motegi

Was over at Motegi to cover the IRL race. Once you get over the amazingly loud V8 engines (Honda, Toyota or Chevrolet) it is possibly the most boring form of car racing you can watch. I'm sure the proper circuit races are exciting but these damn ovals....my God...makes Formula 1 look appealing again! Actually scratch that, there are quite a few overtaking maneuvers in IRL...unlike Formula-Ecclestone!


I was told to piss off while taking this picture. Very polite those mechanics!


These V8's run on Methanol. Just standing by the track or next to the car when it's idling will make your eyes water like hell. Smell reminds me of nitro RC cars.

Aguri Suzuki, ex-F1 driver and the man behind the Autobacs backed ARTA project. Also part of Super Aguri Fernandez Racing

Kosuke Matsuura, Super Auguri Fernandez Racing driver. Started 9th, went on to 6th but due to a long pit-stop fell back to 9th again. At least he finished the race unlike Tomas Scheckter who was on his way to a win when he run out of fuel 2 laps form the end!

Super GT test car

Slice of Americana in the form of Muscle cars


Only track action shot I took:-D

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