April 22, 2005

●Fuji Tuner Time Attack (REV SPEED MAGAZINE)

Well hats off to Toyota for bringing the Fuji Speedway into the 21st century. Impressive is the word to describe the transformation the facilities and track have undergone, which are stunning and on par with the most modern circuits in the world. The main pit/paddock area looks like a carbon copy of the Nurbugring F1 circuit facilities and offers tons of space for track days and race events alike. After covering event after event at the "over-used" rusted out, run down Tsukuba circuit it makes for a pleasant change if not a pleasure to come to FISCO. Plus the view of the snowcapped Fuji-san is hard to top!

Rev Speed Magazine organized a get together for the most renowned tuners in Japan to have a crack at the new circuit. Tuners like Mine's, MCR, ATTKD, Spoon, HKS Kansai, JUN, Amuse, Saurus as well as other lesser know names showed up. Fastest car of the day with a 1:46 was the Autech Tsukada BNR32 which was way ahead of the rest on this challenging circuit. Most drivers find it boring at first but its said to be quite technical and tests front end bite on cars with those tricky blind cambered corners. One I look forward to driving on in the future! Some pictures from the day:

-Autech Tsukada BNR32. Features the a clever rear mounted radiator and yet again on a demo car we find the HKS Valcon kit

-MCR BNR34 and the president of the company, Kobayashi-san

-JUN Evo 9 GT demo car. Car features the MIVEC variable valve timing system which, as some in these circles say, is proving to be a weak point of the usually bullet-proof 4G63

-President of Spoon

-The man behind JUN

-Mine's BNR34. Why Mine's doesn't build a full-on race car to take part in these events is beyond me. There is a very good chance it would be the fastest out there but for some reason they set themselves so many unnecessary boundaries! If their street-class car is so damn fast...think what a proper track one would achieve!! Come on Mine's!!

-Midori BNR34. One tuner I respect. They work wonders with their cars.

-Must have been close to 60 GT-Rs present for the track day.

-Track action


-Amuse 350Z. I have a soft spot for this car, sounds superb and goes pretty good too for an NA




-Spoon Honda Legend. Race car under development for the USTCC and a future competitor of the Nurbugring 24h race.

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