April 07, 2005

●Bozz Speed Impreza WRX STi Type RA SpecC

Take a look at the logo on the Bozz Speed cars and you'll see the words "Astonishingly Ferocious." I didn't think anything of it until I got in their demo car, a GDB Spec C based monster cranking out around 500PS courtesy of a 2.5 boxer engine and a rather large HKS GT3037 turbine. This car's power delivery is, well just look at the logo! It's not so much the horse power but the explosive midrange this beast hits you with that will leave you with your mouth open.
I haven't felt acceleration this savage this side of a 900PS Top Secret tuned GT-R! And the car was running only 1.3 bar rather than the normal 1.6 and the NO2 tank was empty..that would add another 70PS! No wonder this beast cracks the 1 minute barrier at the famed Tsukuba circuit!
Sticky Bridgestone RE55S semi-slick tyres keep the Bozz Speed GDB glued to the asphalt and more importantly Tsukuba's corners.
The guys at Bozz Speed will be trying their best to win next weeks Hyper Challenge which will pitch Lancer Evos against Imprezas and Legacys.
They certainly have a capable car!
As you can see from the pictures the cars interior is completely stripped and things do get very noisy in there. Due to equal length manifolds and a hefty dosage of tuning the typical boxer offset beat is gone, in its place a menacing growl amplified through the original titanium exhaust.
Needless to say I was seriously impressed with this Spec C. Seems every tuner out there is using the 2.5 block these days ...maybe Subaru will take it as a hint and fit it to the Japanese & Euro market cars??!!

Posted by dino at April 7, 2005 02:57 PM
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