September 5, 2005

●IchikawaSAB-FOLKS Meeting (GTROC Chiba-div.)

We hold our regular GTROC Chiba division meeting in
every other month. Last time was in June, but there
was another gathering on August 20th which was held
by Saitama division, and many Chiba members appeared.
So the schedule was slided and we had it on September,4th.


We usually gather at CAREST Makuhari, but this time
at Super Autobacs Ichikawa. Thought it was good because
it 's much nearer from my place, but in fact, the road was
so crowded and, moreover, I took the wrong way. That means
I was late for the meeting time... :-(



Astonishingly nearly 30 GT-Rs have dominated this floor!


He is the staff of Chiba division, Mr.Junji Murai. Known as
'B-Class Gourmet'. He is loved by every person because
of his friendly attitude and appearance like 'Winnie the Pooh' ! :-)
Need to say 'Cheers' for his every efforts.


That was my first time to see white(#QM1) 400R, in a mint
condition. This vehicle's RB-X GT2 2.8 litre engine has
souped up into 400BHP which originates to its name, '400R.'


This Z33 is made as a demo car by NISMO.Fine tuned with
NISMO parts and Sport Resetting !The owner, Mr.Kenji has
also got his blog. He owns red R34GT-R as well ! :-@


R34 Nur with enourmous single turbine. It should have got
countless BHPs...

Next Kanto area's meeting is going to be held at the
end of September or early October by Tokyo division.

See you at that time... ;-)

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